EasierSoft Backup Software Ltd Offers An Effective Way of Backing your Important Files With Ease


EasierSoft Backup Software Ltd presents its exclusive software named AutoBaup for backing up your important files on your system. The software is available for free.

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China, 18th May 2017: Computers and Laptops are now an important part of our digital life. They are not only used as a source to work and communicate but store a lot of important data. However, they are also prone to a number of vulnerabilities whereby they may lead to corruption or accidental deletion of important stored data. Therefore, it becomes more than important to create a backup for each and every file that one may have stored on their systems. Backups can be done using a wide range of external devices. However, if you are storing an enormous amount of data, the task could be a lot expensive. To eliminate this hazard, EasierSoft Backup Software Ltd has come up with unique software. It is named AutoBaup and is available for free.

If a person is using a personal computer, it is highly recommended that they use an USB external hard disk to back up their data. They can be easily plugged in and accessed whenever needed. However, copying each and every file from your system on a daily basis to these hard drives can be a difficult task. Especially when you are creating a new file or storing new data on the system every other day, this task can be a lot more tedious. There are certainly a number of tools and software that can be used for creating automatic backups but most of them come in paid versions or are too expensive. This is where AutoBaup comes in very handy. It is a free tool that does the entire task of creating automatic data backups as scheduled by the user.

It is suitable for using with any external hard disk and is pretty simple to use. You do not need to learn a lot to start using this software. However, in case you are new to computers or find some difficulty to use the tool, you can always refer to their online tutorial featured on the website. The unique thing about this free backup tool is that it creates multiple versions of the backup files. Hence, you can still access the previous versions of the files if at all needed. In order to know more about this software or to download it on your system, you can visit their website. The website has all the important answers in regards to the tool and its usage.

About AutoBaup

AutoBaup is software that can help in creating automatic backups for files stored on a system. The software is available for free usage and can be used on computers powered by Windows Operating System. It is pretty easy to use and comes with illustrative tutorials and descriptions to help users start using the software on their PCs. For more details please visit their website.

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