FAQ 1:  Backup Job Failure.

The most common reason of this problem is the destination drive hasn't enough space, please take a check.

If you use Windows 7, you need to keep login Windows system, if you logout Windows, all program cannot access the "Documents" folder, it is a private folder for each user, and it also can cause this error.

And the following reasons can also cause this problem:

1. The computer logout the Windows or hibernate, then the computer cannot access the network folder.
2. The current windows login user wasn't granted to access the destination drive or folder.
3. The destination drive is not available, please reboot the computer and try again.
4. The destination folder has some confusion, please create a new destination folder use for the backup.
5. The backup source or destination path is too long or contains illegal character, if the path is more then 255 characters, the backup program cannot work.
6. The backup program had been closed, if you click the "Stop" button, the backup program will be closed, and cannot run any backup job, you need to click the "Hide" button to let the backup program runs at the background.
7. Some anti-virus software block the backup job.
8. If you use a second USB hard drive, check if it is auto disconnect when the computer on idle.

FAQ 2:  What is "Keep multiple backup copies"?


Second Backup will keep all files in each of its backup copies sup-folder, for example, by default, it keep the last 3 backup copies, so at the first 3 times backup task, the program copy all files from the source folder to the 3 sub-folders("Backup_1","Backup_2","Backup_3") of the destination, "Backup_3" store the latest backup files, "Backup_2" store the previous backup files, "Backup_1" store the first backup files, each sub-folders("Backup_1","Backup_2","Backup_3") has a full backed up files.

At the 4th and the later backup tasks, the program would only copy the new and modified files to "Backup_3", and it only take a little time.

If your backup files is 2G, and you set to Keep last 60 backup copies, it will needs 120GB dist space.


FAQ 3:  How to backup multiple folders.


One profile can only has one source folder, but you can create multiple profiles, and specify the same backup time for multiple profiles, they can runs at the same scheduling.

You also can use the "Copy the Current Profile's Setting to a New Profile" function to add multiple profiles quickly.


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