Want to backup your important files? --- Use this free software, Just 3 steps.

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For example, to backup your "My Documents" folder to E:\ drive.       

Step 1:  Click the "Add Profile" button.


Step 2:  Choose the backup source and destination folder.  Click OK to save the setting.

Step 3:  The profile for backup "My Documents" has listed, click the "Run Now" button to run backup job.

When you click one profile in the list, the profile's properties will be displayed.

New:  Use QR Code or Barcode Tag to Manage Your Printed Files And Backup Storage Media 

Advanced Features.

1. Keep multiple backup copies.

This program can keep multiple backup copies, it keep all files in each of its backup copies sup-folder,

for example, by default, it keep the last 3 backup copies, so at the first 3 times backup task, the program copy all files from the source folder to the 3 sub-folders("Backup_1","Backup_2","Backup_3") of the destination, "Backup_3" store the latest backup files, "Backup_2" store the previous backup files, "Backup_1" store the first backup files, each sub-folders("Backup_1","Backup_2","Backup_3") has a full backed up files.

At the 4th and the later backup tasks, the program would only copy the new and modified files to "Backup_3", and it only take a little time.

2. Copy only new or modified files on backup -- save the backup time.

3. You can choose to backup the original file, or compress each files to zip format.

4. Automatic run the backup jobs on the schedule time (this is the Professional edition feature).

5. Automatic send email to you when the backup job completed.

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Other Features:

Folder Comparison and Synchronization       

File Encryptor & Text Encryptor

New:  Use Barcode to Manage Your Printed Files 

The best way of backup your important files            

For all computer users, regular backup data is necessary. Lots of backup solutions use magnetic tape as the storage media, it is a mature solution, but the tape devices are expensive, and the accompanying backup software is complex.

A competitive solution is use external hard disk as the storage media. Now the capacity ratio of hard disk has been rapidly improved, the price is cheap, another advantages are low access times, availability and ease of use, the hard disk base backup software usually is simple, it especially suitable for personal user and small business.


This software is published on Softonic, you can get reviews and safe download from Softonic, Click this link:    


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If you are a personal computer user, I suggest you use a USB external hard disk to backup data, you can easily plug in the USB hard disk when you need to backup, then plug it out after backup and keep it in a safe place.

It is a hard work to do data backup by manually copying files from dist to disk every day, an automatic backup software can emancipate us from the hard work. Today there are many choices of backup software, how to choose the most suitable one for you? If you no idea, I suggest you try some free backup software first, for lots of people don’t know their real needs until they buy and used a software, try some free edition first can help you to know your requirement with no cost.

Our automatic backup software - Second Backup, is suitable to do external hard disk backup, it is ease to use, no need to train, all skill levels user can use it. Second Backup not compressed the source files to a single file, the backed up files are readable, and it has a comparison function lets you easy to check if the backup is succeed. Second Backup can stores multi-version backup files, so you can find back the previous version files if need..

New:  Use QR Code or Barcode Tag to Manage Your Printed Files And Backup Storage Media 

It's a good idea to use a QR Code tag to manage your printed files or storage media.

1. QR code can store up to 4296 characters

2. The QR code is stored redundantly, even if a part of the label is worn out, the complete label content still can be read normally.

3. There is a certain security function, it needs to be scanned by mobile phone or QR Code scanner to get the content of the label, which can meet

the needs of a specific occasion.

To make barcode label for your backup medias or printed files, you can choose to use below online barcode generator,

or use desktop version barcode software, desk top software is more powerful and can be offline use.

Online Barcode Maker

Our WebSite:                 http://www.SecondBackup.net

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