Automatic, Scheduler Backup Any Files

from hard disk to hard disk, network place, USB disk...


>> Automatic backup files and folders.

>> Manually copy folders.

>> Bi-directional folders synchronization.

>> Side-by-side folders comparison.

>> Backup Outlook Express.

This backup program is an easy-to-use file backup and sync tool, it is designed to backup data to external hard drive, USB disk, network or any other storage device, perform scheduled increment (partial)-file backup, full-file backup and bi-directional-folder-sync tasks. The program can produce multi-version, backup files at different times (such as Backup1 on Monday, Backup2 on Tuesday). The files in the destination folder are readable (not compressed to a single file), and also have a side-by-side-folder-comparison feature, so that it is easy to check and make sure the backup files are OK. Intuitive interface makes it easy to use. Simply tell it which files to backup, where and when to back them up, then the program reliably backs them up in the background, using very few system resources. Automatic scheduling includes specific days of the week, days of the month, hours of the day or any desired time intervals. E-mail notification lets you know the backup status anytime and anywhere.


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