How to restore Outlook Express data


Restore E-mail Messages:

1. Open Outlook Express, Click the menu "File | Import | Messages."


2. Select "Microsoft Outlook Express X."


3. Select "Main Identity."


4. Click the "Browse" button.


5. Select the folder in which Outlook-Express backup is stored.


6. Click the "Next" button.


7. Select "All folders," click the "Next" button.


8. Outlook Express data had been restored.



Restore Address Book:

1. Click the menu "File | Import | Address Book . . ."


2. Select the folder in which the Outlook-Express address book is stored.


3. The Address Book had been restored.




Restore E-mail Account:

1. Open the folder in which E-mail Account is stored, double click the file "Email_Account_XXXX.reg." The account information will be imported to Outlook Express.