How to start

Step 1:   Click the "Add Profile" button and then select a profile type on the menu.


To Backup Files and Folders: Perform a file backup manually specifying the backup source and destination.

To Backup "My Documents": Perform a file backup job with the backup source "My Documents."

To Backup "Desktop": Perform a file backup with the backup source "Desktop."

To Manually Backup: Perform a manual backup by selecting specific files and folders.

To Backup Outlook Express: Perform an Outlook-Express backup.

To Synchronize Folders: Bi-directional synchronize the files between two folders.

Step 2:   Enter the profile settings in the setup area.

  Only copy new / modified files: When the backup program copies files it compares the files in the source folder and the destination folder and only copies the new-or-modified files from the source to the destination.
  Copy all files at every time: When the backup program copies files, it copies all source files to the destination folder and forces an overwrite of the same files in the destination folder.
  Keep last X backup copies: Keep multiple versions of backed up copies from different times (for example; the backup copy for Monday is "Backup_1," for Tuesday, "Backup_2," etc., etc., etc.).
  Auto Email Notification: After running a backup task it automatically sends an E-Mail to a specified E-mail address with a report of the backup status (succeeded or failed).

Step 3:   Click the "Save Profile" button.